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Literacy First & Mentoring


Literacy First Tutoring & Mentoring:  

  • Literacy First: k-8 -Literacy first is an accelerated program for students to increase their English language skills. Literacy first will help students reach their grade level for reading abilities. Reading is an important skill that needs to be developed in children. Not only is it necessary for survival in the world of schools, but in adult life as well. 

DFAD tutoring & mentoring program will begin to develop leadership skills, life skills and social skills.  Working in groups and one on one sessions with our youth helping to promote teamwork, but also academics in reading.  This will be a 24 session curriculum based program.  DFAD will work with local professional sport teams to assist with our youth; program operates twice a week.

It is important to encourage reading, especially during a child's early childhood years. Literacy First will provide an accelerated program for students in after-school settings. This will allow ourstudents to increase their English language skills. Literacy First will help students reach their grade level for reading abilities.


Reading is an important skill that needs to be developed in children. Not
only is it necessary for survival in the world of schools, but in adult
life as well. The more children read, the better they become at reading.
The more young children read stories and are read to, the greater their
interest in mastering reading. Reading can open up new worlds and enrich
children lives.
Does reading really matter? YES

Literacy might not seem that important if you've acquired the skill, but if you don't have it your life is likely to be poorer in every sense.


Curriculum: Destined for a Dream incorporates our personal plan based on the child's need.  However, we build a lot of the Wilson Reading Program stragies.



FEESTheir will be a $50.00 fee at the time of registration.  This fee will cover registration, materials, and testing.  We will be using some methods of the Wilson Reading Program throughout the program.  A monthly fee will be assessed per student.  This fee will help pay our staff, trips, tutoring services and maintenance of the program.  As part of the program we will also visit and stay in communication with your child's teacher.  All Destined for a Dream teachers are certified, degreed, and experienced professionals.  All staff members are required to have background checks needed to work with children. 




Schedule: Each session will be 60-70 minutes and all students are required to be on-time.  At the time of registration and parents meeting, we will go over the time that best fits your schedule.  Also, we will schedule a meeting with the family before tutoring begins to discuss an appropriate plan.  The meeting will be conducted with Mrs. Waller-Hill as well as your child's instructor. 


  • Tutoring sessions will be held at various locatons accross Bucks County and Philadelphia. 
  • Destined for a Dream will conduct 1:/1-2 tutoring Monday-Thursday- (times will vary and we are flexible)
  • Cost:  There will be a monthly cost associated with tutoring.  Fees will vary from $90-150, per month.  The monthly cost depends on hours and times per week requested. Once your child is registered we will contact you to discuss times and availability. Please Note, if we are not able to accommodate your schedule, you will receive a full refund for registration.  

Literacy First session dates:  

We keep our cost very low and want to continue to provide quality service.  However, we need all parents to adhere to our PAYMENT dates and policy.  Thank You. Parents, based on the prices of our competitors, Destined for a Dream is the most reasonable in the surrounding area.  See below for our price comparison. 

Sylvan Learning:
$175.00 for initial testing
$42-$60 dollars per hour

Huntington Learning Center:
Academic Assessment: $195.00
$65.00 per hour for 1:1 instruction.

Kumon Learning Center:
Free Assessment:
$35-$40 per hour for group instruction





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